How to Record Your Screen Windows 10?

Windows 10 makes it easy to record your computer screen with just a few clicks. Whether you’re creating a tutorial video, demonstrating a new feature, or troubleshooting an issue, recording your screen can be a great way to show what’s happening. Plus, Windows 10 includes its own built-in tool for recording and editing video. Let’s take a look at how to use it. Learn How to Record Your Screen Windows 10?

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10?

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10 with the Game Bar Tool?

The most straightforward way to record your screen is with the Game Bar tool included in Windows 10 itself. To use the Game Bar Tool, first open the app or window that you want to record. Then press the keyboard shortcut “Windows Key + G” which will launch the Game Bar overlay. You should see an option labeled “Yes, this is a game”; click that box and then click “Record” at the bottom of the overlay. The Game Bar will begin recording your screen after three seconds and will continue until you tell it to stop. Clicking on “Stop Recording” will end the process and save your video file in MP4 format in your Videos library by default.

  • Using Third-Party Software – If you need more features than what Microsoft includes with its Game Bar Tool, there are plenty of third-party software solutions available as well. Some of these solutions offer free trials but may require paid subscription after that period ends; others are completely free but may have fewer features than their paid counterparts. In any case, some popular options include OBS Studio, Bandicam, and Icecream Screen Recorder, all of which allow you to customize various aspects such as resolution quality and audio input sources for maximum flexibility when capturing your video footage.
  • Editing Your Recorded Video – Once you have recorded your video footage using either method above, you may want to edit it before sharing it publicly or with colleagues or friends, especially if there were gaps between when you pressed “record” and when action actually began occurring onscreen that should be trimmed out of viewable length of the clip. Fortunately there is no shortage of powerful editing software available for computers running Windows 10; Adobe Premiere Pro is widely regarded as one of best editing suites available but other popular choices include Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (a paid suite) and Blender (which is open source).


Recording your computer screen can be extremely useful for a variety of purposes such as creating tutorials or troubleshooting issues for clients or customers; fortunately Windows 10 makes this process easy thanks to its built-in Game Bar Tool which allows users to quickly capture their desktop activity without having to install any extra software. If more features are needed beyond what Microsoft includes out-of-the-box then there are plenty of third-party solutions available as well, many of which offer free trials so users can test them out before committing financially. Finally once all necessary footage has been captured users can edit their recordings using one of several popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Pinnacle Studio Ultimate depending on their needs and budget restrictions.

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